Travelling in the winter brings the excitement to experience snowfall, snow-capped mountains, wooden houses, but are you worried about what to wear in a winter trip? Don’t worry you are at the right place together will explore the latest travel trend for winter outfits. 

We want you to enjoy your winter travel in 2024 with the trendy winter outfits and embark your winter journey. In 2024 stop worrying of packaging, we will guide you on how to do minimalist packaging of winter outfits. 

 Trendy Winter Outfits to Travel in 2024

In this section will explore the trendy winter outfits that could be both stylish and cozy which helps in minimalist packaging for travel and can get fashionable looks while clicking photographs. 

Knitted Sweater with Pullover

In travelling you never know how comfortable your journey would be? May be you need to go for snow activities or sit for a long hour? We recommend to go for knitted sweaters for the comfort and along-with this wear pullover.  

The knitted sweater and high neck pullover looks fashionable, and if you don’t have high-neck pullover, then go for chick beanies a trendy winter outfit accessories you can wear while travelling.

Embrace with Puffer Jackets

The Puffer Jackets are new trendy winter outfits to wear which can be pared with winter top or shirts. The new winter outfit idea is fur-lined hoodies for cozy feel and luxury touch. 

I advice to go for bold colors like forest green and the one I brought for myself was burgundy color. You can also try. While travelling always wear the jackets instead of packaging it in your travel bag.  

Layering Winter Outfits

A fashionable winter outfit idea is layering the outfits with thermal/warmer top, fully covered winter tops/shirts and sweaters are just a perfect and elegant winter outfit ideas. The sweaters can be of trendy colours, texture and the purpose of keeping warm in any temperature fulfilled. 

Long Cardigans and Scarfs

Cardigans never get old, it depends upon how you style your cardigans. The long size like knee-length cardigan with the beautiful Pahadi Scarf round up in your neck would look classy and fashionable. If you are planning for North India Hill Stations then you can buy beautiful and reasonable scarfs (From Manali’s Mall Road or Mcleodganj Market).

Winter Outfits for Snow Activities

If you are adventurous and willing to go for snow activities style with thermal wear both top and leggings. The dry fits or moisture wicking underlayer is best for any physical activity and jacket is enough to keep warm and flexible to perform winter activities. 

Winter Outfit Accessories

The winter accessories are like touch-up in the winter outfits and can protect you from cold. The gloves (Go for leather), designer scarfs, chic beanies, and boots are the perfect elements for winter outfits. 

Minimalist Packing List for Winter Travel

Winter outfits are always heavy and take maximum packing space, and frankly speaking nobody wants to travel with heavy luggage. In this section, will help you in minimalist packing ideas for travelling in winters.

Versatile Essentials

The classy and trendy look winter outfits with taupe tone goes with every style and you can mix and match with your winter outfit collections. Try to keep such kind of winter outfits and minimize the quantity of outfits in your travel bag.

Roll It, Don’t Fold

While packing the winter outfits, space is always an issue for the traveller and minimalist packing reduce you load. For more space instead of folding your stuffs you can roll it that provide enough space and prezzed clothe look. 

Wear Jackets, Don’t Pack

Jackets are always heavy and if you pack it in your suitcase or travel bag it takes maximum space and you won’t be able to pack other trendy winter outfits. Carry only one jacket (prefer Burgandy, Forest Green or Black colour) and while travelling wear the jacket with trendy winter outfits like a top or a shirt. 


Try to avoid carrying multiple shoe pairs as it takes maximum space and the luggage got heavy. The best part of winter is you don’t need to carry heals, a boot with rusty brown and black colour is best option for both men and women.

Tech Gadgets

The gadgets took lot of space if it’s not compact or versatile, but gadgets are necessary part of packing. Nowadays the compact charger is in trend you can buy that, keep headphones in the side corners to utilize space and for good picture use compact camera instead of taking the huge camera bag. If you have iPhone then I don’t think you need to carry camera for the trip. 

Travel-sized Toiletries

The large full-sized toiletries took maximum space, opt for the trendy travel sized toiletries to save space and easy to carry in any trip. If you are flying then the travel sized toiletries are best idea as it complies with the rules and regulations. 

Final Thought

If you are planning to experiences snowfall or enjoy the winter of hill stations then this blog is for you. Winter is cozy and stylish too if you wear it with trendy winter outfits ideas. Always remember travel is not about carry heavy luggage, go with minimalist winter packing list and reduce your luggage weight. Try to use these ideas and if you have any trendy fashion idea for winter outfits or minimalist winter packing list, please share with me. Meanwhile…..

Pack your bag and explore the unexplored places with Hema…

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