In this blog, I will share my experience of the Solo Trip to Rishikesh on the eve of my birthday. The journey begins from Gurgaon, the buses are available, and I prefer to go on a night journey. I feel the night journeys are best, you can take a nap, and arrive early in the morning. You can find the buses from the nearest bus stops in Delhi NCR through various apps like Red Bus, Zing Bus or MMTP.  Start your journey after completing office hours on Friday and you will reach the next day morning.

Rishikesh is a beautiful place and Lord Shiva’s place is known for Yoga, Meditation and Adventure. Let’s begin the journey….

DAY 1 (Saturday)

Neelkanth Mahadev Mandir

The famous temple of Lord Shiva at 200kms away from the Rishikesh, surrounded by high mountains. If you have your own vehicle, enjoy the serene beauty while en-route. If not, then jeeps are available from Tapovan, Rishikesh to Neelkanth Mahadev Mandir at the cost of Rs. 300/- to and fro.

The temple is situated at the top, take a “Darshan” of Lord Neelkanth Mahadev. You can also buy some things like, the Shiva’s Damru, Shree Yantra and idol. While returning to the parking lot the food shops are there that serves good food. After filling your tummy, way back to Rishikesh. They will drop you near Tapovan from where we got to our next destination.

Giant Swing or Bungee Jumping

After a spiritual journey, planned a day for the adventurous tour. If you are fond and adventure and try hand in Bungee Jumping, then I will advise you to book the ticket prior. When I went for Bungee, I didn’t got chance, they have ticket after 2 days and mine was a short trip. After taking a thrilling experience, plan for a river rafting, as we have limited time.

River Rafting

The most popular adventure of Rishikesh River Rafting in a high and low tides. There are so many shops running in Rishikesh which offers a splendid experience. You can go for 9km, 16km, 25 km and 35 km rafting. I went for 16km, though I didn’t choose it, as I went for solo trip and a boy’s group were heading for rafting, so I boarded there. The Master who run a boat gave you some techniques required in Rafting which starts with “Ganga Maiyan Ki Jai” – Hail to Mother Ganga.

Enjoy the rafting and the heavy tides on your way, learn new experiences. At Maggie Point, park your boat, eat delicious Maggie to warm yourselves. Then go to the cliff and jump to River Ganga, it will give you thrilling experience, as per my experience. I don’t know how to swim but somehow, I managed to reach at the board. The best part was among the 6 boys, I was the one who jumped first, though they cheered me.

After a long day take a break, reach your hotel, time to take a nap and ready for the evening.

Tour to Lakshman Jhula and Shopping

The night is so beautiful in Rishikesh, you can hear the voice of Ganga River, and if you sit nearby, you feel the fierceness. From here, you can see the huge temple, filled with lights and the shadow in the river. The food near to Lakshman Jhula is especially the snack part is delicious.

After this, go for a shopping, take pretty bags made with organic stuff, the loose pants, scarfs, embroider pens, Chandan, pretty jewels. Here we end our lovely, spiritual and adventurous day.

DAY 2 (Sunday)

Morning Yoga and Dip at River Ganga

As you all know, Rishikesh is known for Yoga and Meditation. Woke up early in the morning and do Yoga besides River Ganga. After Yoga, take a dip at River Ganga and perfect morning bath and if you are planning for bathing, bring extra clothes along-with your mat.

Triveni Ghat for Ganga Aarti

After bathing reach Triveni Ghat for Ganga Aarti. Have you ever wondered a beautiful morning, different from daily routines and a divine peace for which we all are looking for. Take Ganga Aarti at Triveni Ghat and head towards hotel for breakfast.

If you are planning to check out, then pack your luggage and kept it at the reception area. The guys were kind enough to keep it and while on return you can take along-with you.

Beatles Ashram/ Chaurasi Kutiya

In this ashram there are around 84 huts which is known as kutiya. There at art galleries which represent the life of Maharshi Mahesh Yogi. This place was used for the meditation and after reaching here you will experience the meaning of Chaurasi Kutiya. The paintings are good, you can click photographs.

Gaga Ji Temple

The temple of Maa Ganga is spread in a huge area and filled with peace. All the hindu deities are in the temple including River ganga for which it is famous for. From the heights of the temple, you can see the crystal clear river ganga around which the temple is situated. It’s near to Lakshman Jhula Shopping Site, so on return from Beatles Ashram visit this place and move to Ram Jhula.

Ram Jhula and Sita Jhula

To explore the narrow lanes and the surreal sight of Rishikesh, never miss this beautiful site. The famous sculpture depicting Mahabharat’s War where Lord Krishna gave knowledge to Arjun is located there. The foods in the narrow lanes are delicious and try Ramfal if you get the chance.

Dip your leg in River Ganga and release all negative emotions, silence prevails it. You feel like staying there for long time and feel the vibes, the beauty.

Exploring these areas will take long time, have a meal at Chotiwala which is good enough and provide Desi food which is near to Ram Jhula. Avoid getting late for bus, time to go to Hotel for the luggage. Take auto and reached at your Bus Stop, as I as the night journeys are good, you must be tired and sound sleep is sleeper bus is must to have.

Final Thought

In this travel blog, I have explained the short weekend trip from Delhi-NCR to Rishikesh. In respective of Two-day trip, the locations we mentioned, we can say, we roamed through this blog is sufficient. If you are planning a long trip, then I might add some hidden gems of Rishikesh or in a separate blog, will explain this for your next trip.

Pack your bag and explore the unexplored places with Hema…