Harsil Valley is a hidden gem of Uttrakhand, situated in the lap of Himalayas and the bank of Bhagirathi River. The quaint hill station offers serene atmosphere and peace, the valley is a retreat for the tourist. The picturesque destination is heaven for both nature lovers and adventurers, the dense forest, deodar, apple trees and the sound of river is like therapy. The Harsil Valley is at an elevation of 2620 meters above sea level and the harsil valley weather remains pleasant, so you can plan in any of your favourite season. But first check the temperature of Harsil Valley.

As per locals, Harsil Valley has different stories from Hindu Mythology and from British era. As per Hindu Mythology, Harsil Valley named after Lord Vishnu, the story says Lord Shiva killed demon Jalandhar and the wife of Jalandhar, Vrinda was devotee of Lord Vishnu. To save the valley from demon Jalandhar, Lord Vishu take avatar of Jalandhar and violate the chasity of Vrinda, when she recognized the lie, she cursed Lord Vishnu. Due to the curse of Vrinda, Lord Vishnu turns into stone and scattered in the valley, which was the reign of Jalandhar, thus the place got the name Harsil.

Places to Visit in Harsil Valley


Gangotri is the holiest place and comes under the Char Dham Yatra, the devotees worshipped Goddess Ganga in Gangotri. As per sanatan dharm, the origin of Goddess Ganga is from Gangotri and Devi Ganga comes from heaven when Lord Shiva released Maa Ganga so that the heavy flow get controlled.

If you are willing to witness the Gaumukh, which is origin of holy Ganga, then you can plan a short trek of 19 km from Gangotri and feel the energy.

Mukhba Village

Mukhba Village is a pilgrimage which is situated 1km from Harsil Valley. Mukhba is famously known as the home of Goddess Gangotri and with the help of Uttrakhand Government, the destination is developed as Winter Char Dham Yatra.


Gangnani is a small town and famous for spirituality and peace. The town is situated enroute to Gangotri and in the lap of mountains surrounded near Bhagirathi River is an ideal destination for meditation and peace from the hustle bustle city life.


Dharali is a popular village which is only 6kms from Harsil Valley and situated at an altitude of 648 mtrs. Above sea level. The picturesque village is on the banks of river Ganga, and you can witness the cultivation of Apple, Rajma and Orchards in the quaint village.

Sattal Harsil

Sat Tal is a picturesque destination and a favourite place for adventurous people is located at the Harsil Valley in Uttarkashi district. The destination is famous for the seven natural lakes which are situated at the high altitude of Uttarkashi district. These lakes are covered with dense forest and pine trees, the adventure lover can trek to the Sat Tal Harsil and embrace yourself with the natural beauty of Harsil. If you love snow, then plan in winter, and enjoy the sheath of snow.

Wilson Cottage

Wilson Cottage was built in the year 1864, where Mr. Wilson started his business and then shared the profit with the King of Tehri which was on the higher side. The cultivation of apple started by Mr. Wilson only and later he built a 350 ft. long bridge for the local people, which is no longer in the valley, but the traces are still in the town.

Best Time to Visit Harsil Valley

Harsil Valley is known for its pleasant weather throughout the year, if you are planning to visit in Summer, the temperature of Harsil Valley shall be in between 10 to 20 degrees and you can trek, nature walk and explore the tourist place.

The best time to visit Harsil Valley is from April to June and October to November. If you love chilling weather and snow, then plan in between December to March. Avoid planning in between July to September, due to rainy weather you may witness landslides or road blockage.

Harsil Valley Temperature/Weather

  • Harsil Valley Temperature in Summer: The temperature of Harsil Valley in summers ranges from 10 to 20 degrees and in the night the temperature further dropped, so you can enjoy the chilling weather.
  • Harsil Valley Temperature in Monsoon: As I mentioned above, don’t plan a trip in Monsoon Season due to rain showers. The temperature of Harsil Valley in monsoon ranges from 15 to 20 degrees.
  • Harsil Valley Temperature in Autum: Autum is good time to plan a trip, as the temperature of Harsil Valley ranges from 15 to 25 degrees in daytime and in night the dip in temperature can be observed which ranges from 5 to 15 degrees.
  • Harsil Valley Temperature in Winter: In Harsil Valley, winters means snow, in daytime the temperature of Harsil Valley ranges from -2 to 10 degrees and in night you feel like your body starts freezing. If you are a winter lover, then enjoy the freezing weather and snowfall too.

Hotels in Harsil Valley

In Harsil Valley, the hotels offer unique and eco-friendly staycation, in our blog, I am sharing some popular hotels in Harsil Valley:

  • Himalayan Eco Lodge Harsil (Eco Friendly Stay)
  • GMVN Tourist Rest House
  • The Char Dham Camp

How to Reach Harsil Valley

  • Harsil Valley from Rishikesh: The distance from Rishikesh to Harsil Valley is around 240 km and from here you can take a ride on a bus or taxi. While enroute to Harsil Valley from Rishikesh, enjoy the scenic beauty.
  • Harsil Valley from Dehradun: The nearest Airport is Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun, from there hire a taxi or a bus to reach Harsil Valley and enjoy the view.
  • Harsil Valley from Delhi: If you want to enjoy a road journey by your own car, or a bus/taxi, the distance is around 500 km. The other option is to reach Dehradun’s Jolly Grant Airport, then take a taxi or bus to reach Harsil Valley.

Final Thought

Harsil Valley a quaint village with a picturesque destination that takes you to the spiritual journey and untouched natural beauty mesmerized you. Nature lovers and adventurous people can enjoy the natural beauty with peace and an adventurous trek upto Gaumukh and experienced the tranquility. Explore Harsil Valley and share your thoughts, if you have any good staycation or any other places which I missed in this blog, do share your thoughts.

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