Ayodhya Ram Mandir was successfully inaugurated on 22nd January 2024, and the whole world celebrated in a grand manner. The top-notch businessman, famous sports person, film starts, singers and saints were presented in the ceremony. The rain shower of flowers on the Ayodhya Temple was showered through helicopter. The famous singers sang the spiritual songs “Bhajan” and mesmerized the people with their beautiful voices.

In this article will look at what adorns Ram Lalla, the jewelry, ornaments, dress of Lord Ram and many other interesting facts.

Lord Ram‘s Ornaments

The statue of Lord Ram is 51-inch tall, and all the ornaments and dresses were specially designed with extensive research and scripturally appropriately.

  • Crown (Mukut): The crown of Lord Ram is made of golf and metals like rubies, emeralds and diamonds are adorned with. The architecture of crown is of North India tradition and designed represents Suryavanshi Era. At the center of the “Mukut”, the emblem of Surya Dev is embossed, and, on the right, strands of pearls are woven.
  • Earnings (Kundal): The Kundal of Lord Ram complements the Mukut and embellished with gold, diamond, rubies, and emeralds. The Kundal is designed with peacock motifs and the design is like the Mukut.
  • Necklace (Kantha): The necklace is made of gold, and inlaid with rubies, diamonds, and emeralds. The design of necklace is crescent shaped and features floral design which symbolizes good fortune. At the center of Kantha, the image of Lord Surya is symbolized which showcases the Rajvansh of Lord Ram.
  • Long Necklace (Padika): The Padika or long necklace worn below the throat and above the navel. The Padika is a five stranded necklace crafted with diamonds and emeralds, the colour of emeralds is green, peacock colour. The large necklace ornate pendant and significant the divine ornamentation.
  • Longest Necklace (Vaijayanti or Vijayamala): The third largest necklace worn by Lord Ram is made of gold and studded with rubies. The longest necklace is decorated with varieties of flowers including lotus, champa, kund, tulsi and Parijat. The necklace is a symbol of victory and auspicious to the Vaishnav tradition. The symbols, Sudarshan Chakra, Shankh, Lotus and Mangal Kalash depict tradition of Vaishnav.
  • Ring (Mudrika): Rings adored with gems are on both the hands. The ring features dangling pearls which look attractive.
  • Bangles (Kangan): Lord Ram wore a gem studded bangles on both hands. The bangles look heavy and crafted in traditional pattern.
  • Armlets (Bhujbandh): Lord Ram wore Bhujbandh on both arms which crafted with the golds and the precious stones.

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  • Tilak: In Santan Dharm, Tilak applied on the forehead. Ram Lalla Idol bears a Tilak on his forehead made of diamond and rubies.
  • Waistband (Kardhani): The waistband adorned by Lord Ram around his waist is crafted with gold. Gems, rubies, pearls, diamonds, and emeralds studded around the waistband. The waistband has hanging strands of pearls, rubies, and emeralds. The bells in small size are hanging in the waistband, which symbolizes purity.
  • Bow (Dhanush): In the left hand of Lord Ram is a bow which is made of Gold and adorned with pearls, rubies, and emeralds. On the right-hand side, Lord Ram sees with the golden arrow.
  • Anklets (Painjaniya): The beautiful gem studded anklets adorn the feet of Ram Lalla. In the toes, magnificent rings inlaid with diamonds and rubies, along with golden ankle bells.
  • Lotus at Feet: At the feet of Lord Ram, gold garland is offered along with the lotus which is decorated stunningly.

Attire of Lord Ram

The dress of Lord Ram which featured yellow dhoti and red angavastram is made with Banarasi fabric and embellished with pure gold zari and threads. The attire features auspicious symbols of Vaishanav Dharm which are Shankh, Padma, Chakra, and Mayur. The dress of Lord Ram was designed by Manish Tripathi, Textile Designer from Ayodhya Dham.

Toys of Lord Ram

The idol of Lord Ram is the form of 5 years old; the toys are offered to Ram Lalla. The toys offered to Ram Lalla are traditional and made of silver. The toys include elephant, horse, camel, rattle, toy cart and a spinning top.

What is Kaustubha Mani?

In the tradition of Santan Dharma, wearing Kaustubh Mani is a scriptural tradition and the incarnation of Lord Vishnu wear Kaushubha Mani at their heart. The Kaustubh Mani worn by Lord Ram at the heart is decorated with a large ruby and diamonds.

Final Thought

In this blog I had explained the ornaments and attire worn by Lord Ram based on extensive research and study. There is one more point to add, the Umbrella which is set over the Ram Lalla idol’s halo is made with gold. I know the description excites you, and you want to plan a trip to Ayodhya. I would advise to plan in mid-February to avoid the crowd.

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