Dalhousie, the most popular destination of Himachal Pradesh for honeymooners and family vacationers. But my trip to Dalhousie was with my lady gangs and it was awesome. The city named after British Emperor, Lord Dalhousie in the year 1854, and for Britishers, Dalhousie was a summer retreat. The Britishers built various churches in the city which will be mentioned in the blog also. Dalhousie offers breathtaking views, the dense forest, waterfalls, and snow-capped mountains mesmerize you.

Let’s explore the beauty of Dalhousie, famously known as “Little Switzerland of India”.

Dalhousie Tourist Places/ Dalhousie places to visit


Panchpula is only 3.5 km away from Gandhi Chowk, Dalhousie and offers stunning waterfalls which have five streams, and the lush green beauty attracts the tourist. There is a stall also which services kulhad chai and pahado wali Maggie, imagine sitting yourself in the lush greenery with waterfalls and tasty Maggie & chai. There is a monument of revolutionary Sardar Ajit Singh who fought for the nation.

Satdhara Waterfalls

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The waterfall is situated at the height of around 6,660 feet above from sea level. The destination is popularly known as “Saptdhara Waterfall” and to enjoy the waterfalls, walk stairs and at the top of the view is just amazing. Satdhara Waterfalls is a popular tourist destination and attract nature lovers, due to the natural beauty and lush greenery. Satdhara Waterfalls is surrounded by deodar trees, and it is believed that the water contains medical benefits and cure diseases.


Khajjiar, referred as “Mini Switzerland of India” offers stunning view and peace. Khajjiar is around 16 to 20km away from Dalhousie and is situated at an altitude of 1951m. At Khajjiar, you can go for various activities like horse riding, zorbing, paragliding etc. I had my first paragliding experience at Khajjiar only and it was amazing. To reach the height, you need to go hiking in the middle of jungle which was great. The lake in Khajjiar surrounded with deodar and pine trees offers mesmerizing view. You can also click photographs in Himachali Dress at Khajjiar, the prices are minimal, but I would advise to negotiate for each activity.

Kalatop Wildlife Reserve

The Kalatop Wildlife Reserve is located at high altitude, and covered with thick forest of deodar, pine and oak trees. The thick forest is home of flaura, fauna and wild animals like Himalayan Bear. At Eco Point, you can hear your own voice, so shout out loud. Go for a nature walk, hike in the thick forest, but guides are not provided by the forest department.

There are no charges if you visit the Kalatop Reserve by walking, but if you are planning to visit by vehicle, pay charges of Rs. 250/-. Another important prospect is you need to take permission from District Forest Officer for the entry of vehicle and if you are planning to stay in the Forest Guest House, take permission before the trip.

Chamera lake

The Chamera Dam and the artificial lake surrounded with lush green forest are the major attraction points. The lake is around 25kms away from the Dalhousie and the peaceful place offers splendid experience. The Hydroelectric Project supply electricity to the major towns and the lake is the perfect spot for a picnic. You can go boating over here, where you feel the lake is green colour as it is surrounded by lush greenery.

Sach Pass

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Sach Pass is a paradise for adventurous people due to the challenging terrains which makes trekking difficult. The sach pass is located at an altitude of 4420 meters above sea level and the landscape is difficult for mountaineers, trekkers and bikers. While trekking you will explore the glaciers and don’t forget to visit Mata Mandir at heights.

Subhash Baoli

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Subhash Baoli named after the freedom fighter Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, who spent months in this place to cure from the disease. The hill station is beautiful and has water caves and waterfalls for sight-seeing. You can also go for meditation at Subhash Baoli.  

St. John’s Church

The oldest church of Dalhousie was built in the year 1863 with Gothic and British architectural styles. The historical church is landmark of Dalhousie, and the town has other churches also like St Francis Church and St Patricks Church.

Things to do in Dalhousie


Khajjiar Offers best Paragliding experience in Dalhousie, although the height and flying time is quite less. The prices vary from 2000 to 3000 rupees, it is better if you negotiate.


In Khajjiar, you can experience Zorbing, the fun activity which is amazing and the experience of putting yourself in the ball gives you thrilling experience.

Horse Riding

Khajjiar offers Horse Riding activity too, the horse rider walks along-with you, if you are beginner. For the experienced people, horse riding in Khajjiar is like riding in foreign nation – Switzerland.


In Dalhousie, two tourists spot are famous for trekking, Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary and Dainkund Peak. In Kalatop it’s quite hard to get a guide from the forest department.

River Crossing/ Zip Line

In Panchpula tourists can enjoy various adventurous activities like the zip line or river crossing is quite enthusiastic.


At Chamera Lake, you can enjoy boating with your friends. The whole lake is surrounded with lush greenery mountains which turn the colour of the water green. There will be a guide in the boat who will handle the ride.

Hotels in Dalhousie

  • The Grand View Hotel – Luxurious with mountain view
  • Hotel Mount View – Charming & Comfortable Stay
  • Snow Valley Resort – Peaceful Retreat with amenities
  • Aamod Dalhousie – Himachali Architecture
  • Dalhousie Height – In Heart of City

Weather & Temperature in Dalhousie

Dalhousie offers all styles of weather with a range of temperatures in every season. Let’s take a look at:

  • In Summers (March to June), the temperature of Dalhousie ranges from 15 to 25 degrees.
  • In Monsoon (July to September), you will experience the rainfall and greenery together. But would advice not to plan in monsoon.
  • In Autumn (October to November), the weather is cool and temperature of Dalhousie ranges from 10 to 20 degrees.
  • In Winter (December to February), you can experience snowfall too, as the temperature of Dalhousie dips from 0 to 10 degrees.

Snowfall in Dalhousie

The best time to visit Dalhousie is from October to February, in autumn season (October to November) the weather would be pleasant, and you enjoy activities in Dalhousie. If you want to experience snowfall in Dalhousie, plan a trip between December to February, the town turns into winter wonderland.

How to Reach Dalhousie

  • Nearest Airport – Kangra Airport in Dalhousie which is approximately 120 kilometres from Dalhousie.
  • Nearest Railway  – Pathankot Railway Station which is only 80 kilometres from Dalhousie. From Pathankot, take a bus or taxi to Dalhousie, which is easily available.
  • By Road – Roads are well connected with the major cities. The distance from Delhi to Dalhousie is around 560 kilometres. You can book a bus and board from Kashmiri Gate – ISBT, which dropped you at Dalhousie Bus Station.

Final Thought

Nestled in the lush green beauty, the cascading waterfalls and thick forest of deodar, pine, and oak trees, made Dalhousie a perfect vacation destination. The town offers various adventure activities which add to a thrilling experience on your tour. We can say Dalhousie is a peaceful retreat destination along-with the fun & adventure activities.

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