Bir Billing is situated in Himachal Pradesh and also known as ‘Paragliding Capital of India’. Those who love to explore adventurous place, Bir Billing is a perfect destination to enjoy the Asia’s Highest Paragliding place. The picturesque destination offers various adventurous activities like hiking, trekking, biking, campaign, hand-gliding and yoga. The city is also famous for the Buddhist Monastery, Tea Garden, the lush green beauty and misty mountains enhance the beauty of Bir Billing.

Adventurous Activities and Paragliding in Bir Billing

Bir Billing Paragliding

If you are adventure lover and Paragliding is in your Bucket List, then Bir Billing must be in the top of your list. Bir Billing, the Paragliding Capital of India offers thrilling experience and the adventure lover around the world visit this place. For the beginners, the pilots were there to assist you while doing paragliding at Bir Billing.

The best time to do Paragliding is October to June and Bir Billing also host a Paragliding match in the month of October. You can also experience the magic where the paragliders enjoy in the clear sky and lush green fields. The charges for the paragliding starts from Rs. 2500/-.

Hand Gliding in Bir Billing

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Bir Billing overs various adventure activities and hand-gliding is one of the famous activity which attracts tourists around the country. To enjoy the Hand Gliding, you need a proper training, and if you are interested then take a training at Aero Sports Complex. The sports starts from Billing which is Launchpad and lands at Bir which is 14km from Billing.

Bir Billing also host events and tournaments in both National and International Level, those who took proper training can participate. You can enjoy the event and if you are willing to participate, then go for a proper training.

Biking, to explore beauty of town

If you want to explore the beauty of this beautiful and want to add a pinch of thrill in your journey, then take a Bike Ride. In town, you can take a bike on an hour basis and enjoy the Biking in the mountains, treacherous tracks, waterfalls, rivers, and the lush green beauty of town.

Hiking, explore the panoramic view

Bir Billing offers various adventurous activities and hiking is one of them. If you love to explore the panoramic view of Bir Billing, then Hike to the misty mountains, waterfalls, monasteries, sunset points, quaint villages and many other tourist spots.

If you want to do hiking, then Bir Billing has so many places in pockets, Gunehar River, Bir Landing Site, Bangoru Waterfall, Nyingyang Monastery, and Keori Village.

Camping in Lush Green Forest of Bir Billing

The quaint village offers various campaign site at a high altitude places, mountains and amidst lush green forest. Tourist can enjoy various amenities, the wild animals, bonfire, photography and various jungle activities.

For the campaign, you can do camping at various sites like Camp Oak View, Camp Kasbah Bir, Monkey Mud Camps and Livingstone Riverside Camps.

Yoga at AryaMarga Yoga Institute

Arya Marga Yoga Institute an old institute where you can take yoga classes, training courses, workshops and retreats for Yoga Lovers. The Institute is situated at the Dhauladhar range of Himachal Pradesh. In the Institute you will learn the ancient yoga, therapy, and meditation while staying in the dormitories provided by the Yoga Institute. 

Trekking at Thrilling Raj Gundha Trek

The most thrilling trekking of Bir Billing is Raj Gundha Trek which starts from Bir and on the way to trekking you will explore the beauty of nature, the valley, rivers, lush green forest, mountains and locals villages. This is not the end, the thrilling starts when you encounter the wild animals, like leopards, jackals and this can be happened on luck by chance basis. The 14km thrilling trek gives you an unforgettable journey, so add this in your bucket list too when you visit Bir Billing.

Top 15 Places to Visit in Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh

Bir Landing Site

Bir Landing site is popular among the locals and the tourists, the place gives you a scenic view of sunset. Bir Landing Sire is popular known as Sunset Point. After Paragliding, you can enjoy the delicious food at the café and restaurants while enjoying the sunset. 

Chokling Monastery

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The Chokling Monastery is very popular Monastery in Bir Billing which is situated in the Tibetan Colony and has stupa and statue of Padmasambhava. You can enjoy the pleasant environment, calmness and from the monastery the view of paragliders mesmerized you.

Tashi Jong Monastery

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The Bir’s famous Tashi Jong Monastery is situated in the small village, the calmness of this place, Tibetan art, culture and the vivid colours painted in the monastery attracts the tourist. In Tashi Jong, the schools are also situated for the Buddhist Students.

Bir Tea Factory

Bir is famous for the plantation of Tea and the Bir Tea Co-operative Tea Factory Ltd. is the largest factory. The Bir Tea Factory opens for the students, where they provide educational tour to the group. In the educational tour, the Tea Factory provide information about the tea production. You can also buy fresh tea leaves from the factory.

Chowgan Tea Gardens

Bir Billing is known for the production of tea and the climate of Bir is perfect for growing teas. The Chowgan Tea Garden is a tea farm and the lush green farms attracts lots of tourist especially to click photographs. 

Bir Bazar

The Bir Bazar is situated in the Bir Road, the street is filled with traditional shops, stores, bike rental shops and restaurants which offer traditional cuisines. The busy streets is the most popular place for the tourist to enjoy the shopping.

Baijnath Temple

The Baijnath Temple is an ancient Shiva Temple which is famous among the localized and tourist. The peaceful environment, magnificent view and spirituality in the surroundings attract the people.

Drukpa Kagyu Monastery

The ancient Drukpa Kagyu Monastery is home of several monks and monastery showcase the tradition and culture of Buddhism. The serene view, calm and peaceful environment and the tradition culture encrypted in the stones attracts the tourist.

Sherab Ling Monastery

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The Sherab Ling Monastery is situated in the area of 3 acres of land in the lush green Bhatu Forest. The monastery has a religious centre for Buddhist Monk and has prayer halls, retreat centre, shrines, schools, university, museum, café, canteen and many other required shops. Inside the Monastery you can feel the calmness, and peace, the stupa of Maitri Budh in the main prayer hall is the most spiritual statue to admire.

Gunehar River

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The Gunehar River is situated in the small village known as Gunehar Village. The Gunehar River is surrounded with mountains and the crystal clear water makes this place a picturesque destination for the tourist.

Bangoru Waterfalls

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Bangoru Waterfall is the serene beauty of Bir Billing, the crystal Clear water falls from the rocks mesmerized you. You can also do hiking to reach the Bangoru Waterfall, the less crowded place definitely soothes you.

Deer Park Institute

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The Deer Park Institute present the tradition and culture of Buddhism, where the institute provide training or conduct courses of different durations. In these courses you will learn the traditional yoga, meditation, tradition and culture of Buddhism, healing techniques, and many more.

Himalayan Film School

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The Himalayan Film School is situated within the Deer Park Institute and is the most renowned Film School which offers the learning of photography, story telling, films direction and many more.

Dharmalaya Institute

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The Dharmalaya Institute organized various kinds of programmes related to sustainable farming, organic farming, vegan life, environmental programs and mediation & yoga. The workshop, seminars and programs are conducted in different durations. You can also volunteer yourself for the environmental programmes to serve for the good of nation.

Nyingyang Monastery

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The Nyingyang Monastery is situated in the Bir Colony, Chaugan which offers the peace and serenity. The monastery is painted with vibrant colour which shows the Tibetan Culture. The monks stayed in the monastery and offer prayer.

 How to reach Bir Billing

  • Nearest Airport: Kangra Airport
  • Nearest Railway Station: Pathankot Railway Station
  • By Road: All the roads are well connected with the major cities like Delhi-NCR, Chandigarh. You will reach at Dharamshala by Bus and from there book cab or taxi to reach Bir Billing.

Final Thought

Bir Billing is a paradise for the adventure lover, where you will get various sports activities to explore. The Tibetan Monasteries, Waterfalls, Rivers and lush green beauty make this quaint village a heaven. The charming destination leaves you with unforgettable memories, so why to wait mountain lover……….

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