Uttar Pradesh, a land where Lord Krishna himself played holi with Radha Rani and people of Vrindavan, Nandgaon, Barsana and Mathura. In 2024, Holi celebrated in vibrant way with joy, laughter and brotherhood in Uttar Pradesh. The Holi Celebration in Uttar Pradesh offers unique experiences, as the state unfolds various kinds of holi.

In this blog, we will take you to the journey where Holi started week before and each day the Holi Celebration took place in varied and traditional style.

Let’s begin the journey with me and check the calendar of holi celebration in Vrindavan, Mathura and Barsana….

Phaag Aamantran, Nandgaon – March 17, 2024

The Holi Celebration starts from Nandgaon, the place where Lord Krishna spent his childhood. Traditionally the celebration is called Phaag Aamantran which means invitation to Holi, the festival of colour. The village, Nandgaon is decorated, and people enjoy the folk dance, music and play holi with gulaal.

Laddoo Holi, Barsana – March 17, 2024

The journey of holi celebration reached from Nandgaon to Barsana. In Barsana, there is a unique tradition of Laddoo Holi. (Laddoo means sweet) In this year-old tradition, people play holi with colours and exchange sweets. The whole village looks colourful and people joyfully embrace the festival with laughter and joy.

Latthmaar Holi, Barsana – March 18, 2024

Barsana, a village of Shri Radha Rani is filled with unique traditions of playing holi. After Laddoo Holi, the journey of Latthmar Holi starts. So, we can after sweets, it’s time for women where they beat means with sticks. In Barsana’s Lathmaar Holi, women’s playfully beat men with sticks and men’s protect themselves with shields. The festival is celebrated at the temple of Radha Rani in Barsana.  Don’t forget to drink the famous lassi of Barsana.

Latthmaar Holi, Nandgaon – March 19, 2024

The journey of Latthmaar Holi begins from Barsana and in the next phase it reached at Nandgaon, the childhood place of Lord Krishna. In Nandgaon, people continue with Lathmaar Holi with folk dance, traditional music and gulaal.

Rang, Latthmaar Holi, Gaon Rawal – March 19, 2024

Uttar Pradesh Latthmaar Holi begins from Barsana, moving towards Nandgoan and reached final destination Gaon Rawal. The locals enjoy the festival with gulaal, and the culture. The locals of the Gaon Rawal enjoy the festival in a vibrant and joyful manner.

Rangbharni Ekadashi, Mathura & Vrindavan – March 20, 2024

In Holi 2024, the celebration of Rangbharni Ekadashi is widely celebrated in the temple of both Mathura and Vrindavan. The auspicious day falls on March 20, 2024, and celebrated in a spiritual fervor. In Vrindavan, the celebration took place in Shri Banke Bihari Temple, whereas, in Mathura the festival celebrates at Shri Dwarikadheesh Temple. If you are willing to experience the spiritual holi, then plan to enjoy Rangbharni Ekadashi. 

Chhadimaar Holi, Gokul – March 21, 2024

As per the ancient stories the Chhadimaar Holi of Gokul starts from Nandbhawan, where delicious prasad served to Lord Krishna. The Nandbhavan is situated near the Yamuna River and people play holi over there. The preparations start before a week, and in the festival instead of “latth, women used “chhadi”. It was believed that in childhood Kanha Ji was very naughty, thus, the gopi’s playfully used Chhadi and ran after him. Chhadimaar Holi rejoice the traditional belief with gulaal and chhadi.

Holika Dahan, Gaon Phalain – March 24, 2024

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Holika Dahan is known for the victory of good over evil. In this festival, huge bonfires illuminate with the use of so many woods, and people save “Prahlad” from burning. It was believed that the darkness illuminated life with the fire, after that the main holi starts and people play with colours. The people of Gaon Phalain celebrate Holika Dahan in a unique and traditional way, and this year the celebration took place in March 24, 2024.

Chaturvedi Community’s Dola, Mathura – March 24, 2024

In Mathura, Chaturvedi Community’s Dola is a year-old tradition where on the day of Holika Dahan, the procession of colours starts from Dwarkadheesh Temple of the city. The traditional Dola Band of Chaturvedi Community begins the journey with musical instruments, drums, DJ and on the road the people dance and play with colours. The celebration took place in Braj and brajwasi joyfully enjoy the holi celebration.

Dhulendi, Mathura District – March 25, 2024

After Holika Dehan, Dhulandi begins which also marks as beginning of spring season. The festival celebrated with “Abir” and “Gulal”. The air filled with different colours and it seems like a rainbow falls into land. Everyone doesn’t matter which age they belong; they joyfully celebrate holi with gulal and water balloons. In all over the world, Braj Holi is the most famous, in 2024 plan your Holi in Uttar Pradesh.

Dauji’s Huranga, Baldev – March 26, 2024

Dauji’s Huranga Holi is a unique tradition of playing holi where men and women joyfully play holi in a tussel way. Men pour colours in the bucket filled with water and then they pour whole bucket into women’s. Whereas women’s gives a playful befitting reply by tearing their shirts. Dauji Huranaga celebrates at Dauji Temple near Mathura and in holi 2024 the celebration took place on March 26, 2024.

Jaab’s Huranga, Gaon Jaab – March 26, 2024

After celebrating Huranga at Dauji Temple the tussle holi played in Jaab village. In the traditional holi festival, the older people wore white dhoti and kurta and walks in front of the procession. The men belong from Baithan Village, they represents Balaram which comes to Jaab village to play Hurnaga with the ladies, which represents Radha Rani. In this holi, women’s beats men with sticks until they get satisfied in a playful manner.  When the procession reaches Radha Kant Temple, the old age men welcomed with saffron colour and in return men’s exchanged sweets with ladies which is made of sugar, black pepper, and bhang.

Charkula, Mukhrai – March 26, 2024

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Mukhari is village in Mathura, which is Radha Rani’s maternal grand mother village and the village named after her. When Shri Radha Rani born, her grandmother lits lamps on chariots wheels and dance with it on her head. Later the dance known as Charkula Dance, and till now the celebration took place on the third day of dhulendi. Charkula is popular dance form of Braj region.

Gaon Baithen, Gidoh’s Huranga – March 27, 2024

The Huranga Holi concludes with Gidoh’s Huranga, which is celebrated in Gaon Bathain. The spirit of revelry between men and women ends in Baithan village. The Rangotsav’s Baithen holi celebrated with music, dance and aggression of huranag.

Mahavan – March 31, 2024

A farewell bid to the joyful Braj Ki Holi 2024, where people exchange sweets and aroma filled with joy and laughter. Brajwasi recalls the unforgettable memories of holi celebration on March 31, 2024.

Holi at Shri Rang Ji Temple, Vrindavan – April 1, 2024

The unforgettable Holi Celebrations finally concluded after the blessings at Shri Rang Ji Temple in Vrindavan. The Uttar Pradesh Braj Ki Holi is a memorable journey which begins with laughter and ends with blessings in the form of Rangotsav.

Final Thought

The magical Rangotsav of Uttar Pradesh is a lifetime and unforgettable Journey which brings people together. In Uttar Pradesh Holi is not just a festival, it’s a journey of living the old tradition, laughter and joy. Be a part of this unforgettable journey and plan a trip to Uttar Pradesh and enjoy 2024’s Holi with Rangotsav….

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