Spreads across in the area of 7000 acres and the fort stands at the top of 180 meters. 

By Cali Crystal             May 19, 2020

Gaumukh Reservoir is a sacred place which is formed in the shape of a cow, and the devotees poured water to Shiva Linga from the Gaumukh Reservoir.

Gaumukh Reservoir

Vijay Stambh

The nine story Vijay Stambh has the architect of hindu god and goddess, built by Maharana Pratap.

Meerabai Temple

Meerabai, the devotee of Lord Krishna worshipped at the  Temple ,  designed in the North Indian  Style.

Kirti Stambh

Built in 12th Century  dedicated to the Jain Tirthankar, Adinath Ji

Built in the 11th century, where the idol of three faced Lord Shiva worshipped.

Samideshwar Temple

Baroli Temple

Built in the 9th century which is situated at the Brahmani and Chambal Rivers in Rawatbhata which is 115km from  Chittorgarh District.

Ratan Singh Palace

Ratan Singh Palace was once lived by Maharaja Ratan Singh during the winter season.

Bhainsrorgarh Fort

Built by Rawat Lal Singh - II in the 17th century which is at the height of 200 feet, surrounded by Chambal and Brahmani Rivers.

Built in the 8th Century and the statue of Lord Varaha was placed.

Kumbha Shyam Temple